Hurricane Season

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In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma’s destruction, Heart to Heart International (HHI) is committed to helping affected families by providing medicines, medical care and humanitarian aid.

21751328_10155269797388515_6855655201694613497_nFlorida Keys

The Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) is now established and treating patients on Big Pine Key, at the epicenter of Hurricane Irma’s eye when it slammed into Florida. The entire area is devastated, and those who remained on the keys (about 10,000 souls) are seeking help. Soon thousands more will be returning. HHI was the first medical responder to arrive in that area, and we are now delivering healthcare to residents and responders alike. (We arrived so early that the search and rescue efforts were still underway.) The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has asked us to work there, and we will be busy for some time, certainly for several weeks.

21230780_10155234305708515_6431916774799715046_nHouston and South-East Texas

We continue to provide staffing, medicines and supplies for three safety net (free) clinics in and around Houston. This is a massive undertaking as we fill an important gap in healthcare until regular providers can return and resume their work. The Houston work alone is likely to cost a million dollars over the next 2-3 months, even with our volunteer clinicians offering their services. HHI Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rick Randolph will be returning to Houston this week to oversee the medical work.


21462493_10214626615365370_5691942145018880705_nHaiti and Other Caribbean Islands

In northern Haiti, we have identified a commune (Anse-à-Foleur) that was hard hit by Irma, and one of our Haitian medical teams is being deployed to assist. If cholera does not break out, it will cost around $50,000 for one month of medical response. If cholera does appear, and the conditions there are perfect for it to do so, that number can jump dramatically as we fight to prevent the spread of that scourge. Fortunately, our Haitian medical teams are veterans having fought cholera many times, including after hurricane Matthew last year. Heart to Heart is currently assessing other needs in the devastated Caribbean islands. Logistical issues are still difficult, but plans support to other island nations are coming together quickly.


21743504_1898914950361814_7995721591832598559_oPowrServ Hygiene Kits

We have already distributed approximately 20,000 hygiene kits and that number is likely to exceed 30,000 by the end of this coming week. As fast as we can build them, they are headed out the door for Texas, Florida and soon the Caribbean islands. Thousands of volunteers are donating their time and money to help in this critical endeavor.

Your financial support is needed now!

Harvey or Texas Relief – Text HHITX to 41444

Irma – Text IRMA to 41444

Maria – Text Maria to 41444

All proceeds will go to Heart to Heart’s response to either Hurricane.