A Street Vendor’s Journey: Berta’s Determination and Hope

At 41 years old, Berta is a resilient and determined woman who works tirelessly as a street vendor in Guastatoya, Guatemala. However, Berta’s health challenges were making it increasingly difficult for her to support her beloved family and were making her daily life a struggle.

For some time, Berta has battled a series of debilitating symptoms: relentless fatigue, persistent headaches, and unexplained weight gain. These symptoms were eventually diagnosed as indicators of thyroid dysfunction, a significant health issue not just for individuals like Berta but also for their families, especially in communities with limited resources.

Her constant fatigue made it tough for Berta to work as a street vendor, affecting not only her income but also her ability to provide for her family’s basic needs. Headaches only added to her discomfort, making life even harder.

One big problem in underserved communities like Berta’s is access to affordable medication. While free medical visits may be available, the lack of affordable and accessible medication options means that many people like Berta can’t get the treatment they need for their underlying conditions. This keeps them suffering and limits their opportunities to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Berta’s story serves as a reminder of the hardships faced by individuals living with this condition in Guatemala’s underserved communities.

But there’s a bright spot in Berta’s story. Her turning point came with the arrival of donated medication from Heart to Heart International (HHI) delivered through its partner Cross Catholic Outreach.

Within just one week of beginning her treatment, Berta experienced a significant improvement in her symptoms. The medication gave her more energy and eased her headaches. Berta attributes this positive change to the generosity of donors and the grace of God, who provided her with the medication that turned her life around.

Berta’s story is a reminder of how the Access to Medicine program at HHI changes lives. It shows us the importance of accessible healthcare and medication for those in underserved areas.

As we celebrate Berta’s journey to better health, we want to thank all the donors and supporters who make it possible for HHI to provide vital medication to those in need. Together, we’re making positive changes in the lives of people living in underserved communities worldwide.