Beyond The Virus: COVID-19 relief album

A new album featuring international musical collaborators has been released by Susan B.B. Schabacker with a goal to help in the fight against COVID-19.

The humanitarian outreach project “BTV: Beyond the Virus” is Schabacker’s collaboration with 54 other musicians from 24 countries. The majority of the proceeds will be donated to Heart to Heart International and a local charity in Schabacker’s community in Winston-Salem, NC. 

“We selected one local charity and one international charity,” Schabacker said in The Winston-Salem Journal. “We’re trying to bring all the local community together and the people across the world to do this creative collaboration to support people’s lives.”

“BTV: Beyond the Virus” covers different musical genres and styles in more than 15 languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Swedish, Polish, and more). The album has 33 tracks and includes hopeful spiritual songs and coronavirus parody songs. Professional musicians and vocalists from countries around the world, from Austria to Zimbabwe, lent their talents to create the album.

“We bring people together to heartfully help, as we move forward from coronavirus together. Our mission – heartbeat of humanity – is helping others. We are grateful for God’s support, as celebrated in our Italian tribute song, ‘God On Our Side,’” Schabacker said in Piedmont Local.

“Make Our World A Better Place” is the BTV theme song. Other tracks include “Do Our Best (Nepali Tribute),” “COVID Cabana (Greek Tribute),” “Turn and Flee (African Tribute),” “God On Our Side (Italian Tribute),” “All I Can Do Now is Pray (Middle Eastern Tribute),” “Life’s Not The Same (Canadian Tribute),” “Smorgasbord World Patchwork Globe (Local / Global Tribute)” and “Hairy (Portugese/Brazilian).

Musicians created most of their own parts, and all but two songs are based on Schabacker’s original songs. (One song by Tito Puente Jr. and the other by Richard Tisovec (co-written by Schabacker). In addition, the song “Let Us Unite (French Tribute)” was produced by Denis B. Québec and Les Productions Le Conquérant.

The album is available on, and other musical platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple and Amazon.

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