COVID-19 July Updates

July 31, 2020

Medical Aid Shipped  529 shipments of medicines and medical supplies, including n95 masks, patient masks, face shields, gowns, sanitizing wipes, sanitizer and gloves have been sent to hospitals, healthcare clinics, pharmacies and more in 33 states, 1 US territory and 3 countries.

Hygiene Kit Deliveries – 68,525 Hygiene Kits have been delivered to 70 partners (food banks, homeless assistance groups, nursing homes, public safety organizations, school districts, and more) in 3 countries and 25 states, including the 10 states hardest hit by COVID-19.

“I wanted to reach out and thank you again for the hygiene kits we received from Heart to Heart. To date 572 kits were distributed across our 6 counties. Our consumers were ecstatic. One lady sent a formal thank you note and stated that it was the nicest gift she had ever received! We had our staff drop them off at their homes so that we were further able to determine their well-being. Thank you again for your generosity during this difficult time. The lives of nearly 600 people were truly blessed.


Serving Homeless Populations – HHI volunteers and the Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) are providing medical care at Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus and to individuals quarantined in a nearby hotel awaiting COVID-19 test results. To date, 419 patients have been seen at Hope Faith with 24 patients tested for COVID-19 at the MMU and 4 confirmed cases.

HHI is also providing medical support for the Salvation Army Three Trails site where people experiencing homelessness who test positive for COVID-19 can stay. HHI is providing an RN to conduct wellness checks and utilizing volunteer providers via telehealth when needed. HHI has treated 25 patients with 4 currently on site as of July 24.

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