COVID-19 volunteers receive recognition from Away

During this season of navigating COVID-19, we have been so grateful for the dedication of our volunteers. They have proved over and over their commitment to improving access to healthcare, especially during this unprecedented global pandemic.

Away, a luggage and travel product company, reached out to HHI wanting to recognize our volunteers for their dedication during this time of COVID-19.

Away believes it has a responsibility to make a positive impact on the world and makes it a “priority to partner with organizations seeking to create a better world for everyone.”

We were pleased to pass along the luggage donated by Away to our hardworking COVID-19 volunteers.

Volunteers pictured at the HHI medical clinic at Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus: Carlo Jurani, Sandy Turner, Hallie Thompson, Laura Dominik and Brittni Blaser.
HHI volunteers Carla and Don Duryee stand with their Away bags in the space where they have been assembling thousands of hygiene kits throughout this pandemic.

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