December Tornadoes

John Nonnemaker with Heart to Heart International gives an update from the ground on December 14, 2021.

Dozens of people have died in the series of more than 35 tornadoes that ripped through the Midwest and southeastern US in the late hours of Friday, December 10 and early hours of Saturday, December 11. Tornados touched down as far north as Springfield, Illinois, and as far south as Jonesboro, Arkansas. The most devastating tornadoes touched down in northeast Arkansas and traveled more than 200 miles through Kentucky.

78 deaths have been reported in Kentucky with surrounding states reporting deaths as well.

The Governor of Kentucky declared a state of emergency and deployed several hundred national guard troops. At one point it was estimated that 250,000 households were without power.

Our Disaster Response Team arrived on the ground in the affected areas with hundreds of hygiene kits on December 12. The Mobile Medical Unit arrived on December 14 to provide a facility for staff from Kentucky Care to treat patients in the aftermath of the storms. HHI has delivered medical supplies and equipment to partners in the area.

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