Delivering Hygiene Kits in Ukraine

The Community Care Center run by our partner Light of Reformation is vital for Ternopil’s displaced residents. Children gather for weekly meetings, connecting with peers and engaging in beneficial activities. Every Monday, the center provides essential aid, including food and HHI hygiene kits, to those people displaced by the war.

This distribution fosters social connections among people sharing similar circumstances, providing a chance for conversations and mutual encouragement over a cup of coffee and tea. In one week alone, they were able to provide more than 100 hygiene kits to women, men and children from the regions of Ukraine where fighting is taking place. Our partner said, “We are happy that we can make the stay of IDPs in our city a little bit easier and create a place where they can receive not only material assistance but also a little bit of rest for their souls.”


When the invasion of Ukraine began, shelling and fires engulfed Olya and her husband’s city in Kharkiv, and they had to flee. The couple found refuge in the Ternopil region, in western Ukraine, where they settled into a dormitory room.

Olya’s husband had recently had heart surgery, and in addition to health concerns, they were worried about their financial future and about the safety of their son and son-in-law who were fighting in the Ukrainian military. Life’s challenges were weighing heavily on this elderly couple.

They turned to the Community Care Center in Ternopil, the program from above that is supported by our partner Light of Reformation. There they are able to receive aid, including HHI hygiene kits.

The couple is sincerely grateful for the help, and we are grateful to all of our donors and volunteers who help support these hygiene kits and to our incredible partners who deliver them to people in need.