Formula and soccer balls for Afghan children in US

Among the Afghan refugees who have been arriving in the United States since the end of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, are tens of thousands of children. These children have faced violence, fear and hunger. They have lived through unimaginable trauma, including a life filled with conflict followed by being transported across the world to live in an unknown country.

Our mission of improving health access and delivering aid to people after disasters and crises includes humanitarian crises like the refugee crisis these families are now in. It is critical to provide the basic necessities and supplies to help support the resettlement of tens of thousands of Afghan children and families in the United States.

Heart to Heart International has been partnering with different organizations working throughout the United States to resettle refugees. We have provided infant formula for children’s nutrition, soccer balls to improve children’s mental and emotional health through play, and hygiene kits for infection prevention and control.

We continue to work with partners to identify needs of Afghan refugees and will continue to deliver aid to help support them in this difficult time.

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