Groupon Features Heart to Heart Care Kits

Now, here’s a coupon worth clipping! And clicking!

Online coupon giant Groupon is featuring Heart to Heart and our efforts for the next six days with a special Deal of the Day.  We couldn’t be happier about this.  This is a great way to not only raise funds to build Heart to Heart Care Kits, but a fantastic way to support our 2012 CareKit Challenge!

Groupon has recently launched an initiative called Groupon Grassroots where the company features worthy non-profits and charities.  What’s simply awesome about this is that 100% of money raised during a Groupon Grassroots campaign goes directly to the charitable organization.

So for every Heart to Heart Groupon you buy, all of the $10 goes to assembling a Care Kit, and we distribute it to someone in need. Simple.