Health and Hygiene for Girls in Gaza

The recent surge in violence in Gaza has displaced 1.9 million people, leaving countless families, particularly women and children, in dire need. Amidst this devastating crisis, Heart to Heart International is providing critical support, focusing on ensuring access to essential hygiene supplies, especially menstrual pads for women and Girls in Gaza. These basic necessities often vanish first during conflict and are crucial for maintaining health and dignity.

The menstrual pads have been carefully chosen to be culturally appropriate and sensitive to the needs of the recipients. During times of displacement and turmoil, simple items like pads, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes can make a world of difference, restoring a sense of normalcy and self-care when so much is lost.

Urgent Need

The urgency of the situation in Gaza for women and girls is critical and deteriorating rapidly. A Dr. Azzam Abuhabib, Senior Projects Officer at United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Gaza, said the existing stock of feminine hygiene products is alarmingly low, with very few options remaining in the local markets. This scarcity is not just a matter of discomfort but poses serious health risks and psychological stress for women and girls who are already grappling with the harsh realities of displacement.

Because we understand the importance of collaboration, and are working with trusted partners like United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to ensure these crucial items reach women and girls in Gaza.


The impact of providing more than 1.7 million menstrual pads in addition to hygiene kits extends far beyond basic hygiene needs. It is a crucial step toward enhancing the overall well-being and dignity of displaced women and girls in Gaza.

  • These pads and hygiene kits will play a vital role in preventing health issues related to poor hygiene, which is particularly important in crowded and unsanitary living conditions.
  • Access to these essential items empowers women and girls, enabling them to manage their menstrual health with dignity and privacy.
  • This empowerment is essential for their mental and emotional well-being, as it helps to mitigate feelings of helplessness and vulnerability.
  • These items also signal a recognition of their specific needs, creating a sense of being cared for and respected in a situation where such feelings are often scarce.

How You Can Help

The situation in Gaza is dire. Your donation toward this initiative will alter the current reality and immediate future for the women and girls in this region by helping deliver essential supplies for physical health, and even more importantly, bringing a message of support and understanding.