Heart to Heart International Makes a Move

We’ve moved!  Not too far, but far enough to need an address change.

Front Door

During the last few weeks – in between welcoming a new CEO, sending an Advance Team to Liberia, shipping critical Ebola supplies to West Africa, providing hygiene needs for refugee children along the US/Mexico border and marveling as one of our medical teams helped to deliver a baby on the side of a Haitian road – the main HHI office was prepping for a move.  We’ve been quite busy!

A little background…

Heart to Heart International was born 22 and one half years ago in suburban Kansas City, in the city of Olathe, which is on the Kansas side of the MO/KS stateline.  For the past 15 years, HHI occupied space on two floors – the first and third – of a three story building in Olathe.  After all that time, it had turned into a somewhat inefficient maze of offices as the organization grew and programs were added.

Always aware of our responsibility to donors and our commitment to efficiency, a property search committee looked long and hard at a number of places in Olathe and beyond, and found that a building in Lenexa, Kansas, just a handful of miles up the road from the old office, would be the best and most cost-effective place to relocate the HHI main headquarters.  We have now moved the office and are beginning to settle into the new space.

Our new address:

Heart to Heart International
13250 West 98th Street
Lenexa, KS 66215

Our Global Distribution Center, the busy hub of so much of our work and volunteer activity, remains in Kansas City, Kansas.

It’s an exciting time at Heart to Heart International:  our clinics and our development work in Haiti continues, we’re expanding the fight against Ebola in Africa, deepening our engagement with volunteers to help a world in need, we have a new website to showcase all of this work, and now a headquarters location move…

An office is just where we coordinate all of these efforts. Our work is out there – around the country and the globe, wherever people are in need, whenever and however we can help.

New Lobby