Heart to Heart on “America’s Top Charities” List

We here at Heart to Heart are honored to have made this list… and to come in so high!
According to Consumer Digest’s “America’s Top Charities” list, Heart to Heart International is ranked #2 in the Humanitarian category for most efficient charity.
What follows below is a portion of the news release from Consumer’s Digest.

DEERFIELD, Ill., Nov. 8, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — Two hundred and twenty-one charities out of some 2,400 were ranked by Consumers Digest as “America’s Top Charities.” The rankings, which are published in CD’s December issue (on sale Nov. 1) and are available at ConsumersDigest.com, span seven categories: development/distribution, educational/cultural, environment/wildlife, health, humanitarian, human services and religiously affiliated.
The rankings are based on charities’ spending efficiency—that is, the percentage of generated income that’s spent on their mission and not on other costs, such as fundraising, marketing and administration. A charity had to distribute at least 65 percent of its total funds to its program(s) to make Consumers Digest’s list.
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Humanitarian Category (top 3):

  1. Kids in Distressed Situations 99.50%

  2. Heart to Heart International 99.00%

  3. Operation Blessing (International Relief & Development) 98.83%