Henry Schein Cares Cancer Care Kits

Heart to Heart International has once again partnered with Henry Schein to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their caregivers. Together, dedicated team members have assembled thousands of kits designed to bring comfort and hope to those facing the challenges of cancer treatment.

The Power of Partnership

Across five locations—Savannah, Orlando, Waukesha, Las Vegas, and New Orleans—team members came together as part of the Henry Schein Cares We Care Global Challenge program to assemble kits specially designed to provide comfort and support during a challenging cancer journey. Together, the teams assembled a remarkable:

  • 6,665 Cancer Patient Kits
  • 6,885 Caregiver Kits

These kits represent more than just numbers; they symbolize hope, compassion and the knowledge that people facing cancer treatment are not alone.

A Home Away from Home

The impact of these kits goes beyond the items they contain. They are being distributed to 31 American Cancer Society Hope Lodge communities. These lodges serve as a “home away from home” for cancer patients and their caregivers when treatment is far from their own homes.

At Hope Lodge, patients stay free of charge and are surrounded by others who share their journey. They are places to find a community of support and an emotional connection with others facing the same journey.

Health is More than Medical Treatments

At Heart to Heart International, we understand that healing extends beyond medical treatment. It’s about compassion, empathy, and knowing that someone cares.

To Henry Schein and all those who participated in these kit-assembly events, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Together, we are spreading hope, comfort and the assurance that no one faces cancer alone.