HHI delivers aid for diabetics in Dominican Republic

One of the ways Heart to Heart International works to improve access to health throughout the world is through its Access to Medicine program. Through the program, HHI donates essential medical supplies and medications to partners, such as Cross Catholic Outreach (CCO), who distribute them to those in need.

Last year, HHI donated 11 huge shipments of critically needed medical supplies and medications to CCO, which were then distributed to partner institutions in Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. These donations supported the work of 402 recipient institutions, impacting an estimated 454,500 people. All the recipient institutions are part of CCO’s well-established distribution network.

One of the organizations that has received support from CCO and HHI is Hospital General El Buen Samaritano (HBS) in the Dominican Republic. Founded in 1997, HBS is a fully functional hospital that provides medical services to the Haitian immigrants who live in the surrounding communities.

CCO has been working with HBS since June 2019, providing medications and health supplies to their distribution network across the Dominican Republic. HBS impacts the lives of many vulnerable people, and their distribution network consists of 167 institutions, including hospitals, health centers, children’s centers, schools, feeding centers, medical dispensaries and medical brigades.

According to CCO, HHI’s donation of general medical bandages, gauze, tape and elastic wraps has been especially crucial for the Diabetes Foot Care Center at HBS. This center performs procedures such as debridement and drainage of wounds for diabetic feet and vascular ulcer patients, serving an average of 260 patients monthly.

The supervising nurse, Priscilla Solano, highlighted the importance of HHI’s donation, stating that it helps maintain a stock of products that allows health staff to provide care to all the patients who seek medical care amid economic hardship. “With the aid donors can provide, our care unit ensure that patients receive the best quality of care, continue regular checks for diabetic and vascular wounds to be under control, and prevent patients from reaching a state of amputation,” – Priscilla Solano said.

HHI’s partnership with CCO has made a significant impact in the Dominican Republic, supporting the work of institutions like HBS and their distribution network. These donations have enabled medical professionals to provide crucial care and medication to those who need it most, especially in impoverished communities.

“Thank you, Heart to Heart International, for helping the daily struggles of vulnerable Dominicans like the diabetic patients who come to Hospital El Buen Samaritano to receive the medicine, care, and supplies they need. Impoverished Dominicans need HHI’s medicines and medical supplies! Your donations and continued support allow us to advocate for people’s health and work alongside the poor to fight poverty and inequality issues in the Dominican Republic and worldwide. – Cross Catholic Outreach