HHI helps FedEx celebrate its 50th birthday

To celebrate FedEx’s 50th birthday and to conclude its 50 Days of Caring initiative, FedEx team members volunteered at over 60 different community service events around the globe, including assembling hygiene kits with Heart to Heart International in Memphis, Tennessee, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We are grateful for all the work and amazing attitudes of the FedEx team members as they worked to package hygiene kits that will be delivered to people in need in the aftermath of disasters or crises around the world.

FedEx Cares also highlighted on its website how our FedEx-sponsored Mobile Medical Van has been helping Heart to Heart International medical teams better respond to needs of communities affected by disasters across the United States.

FedEx has partnered with HHI since our airlift of medicines and supplies delivered to Vietnam in 1995. We are proud and extremely grateful for the continued support of FedEx for our mission of improving health access for people in need in the U.S. and around the world.