HHI treats 500th patient at Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus

Heart to Heart International’s Disaster Response Team has been partnering with Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus since early April to provide free medical services and COVID-19 testing to those experiencing homelessness in the Kansas City area.

This past week, the medical team treated their 500th patient. This work is critical to not only the local Kansas City residents experiencing homelessness, but also the local health system.

An estimated 12% of patient encounters at Hope Faith prevent a trip to the Emergency Room, strengthening local capacity to treat emergency cases. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic caused many critical services for those experiencing homelessness to close.

The services at Hope Faith and Heart to Heart International’s clinic ensured that people could still receive support for their immediate needs.

HHI volunteers have dedicated over 1,200 hours to provide this care. Sandy Turner, an RN who has worked at the clinic since the beginning talked of her experience and what it means to her: “I love making an impact on the health of others. Our patients have been so appreciative of the services we provide to them, it blesses my heart.”

Heart to Heart International will operate the Hope Faith Clinic until the end of December.

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