Hike with Heart Trail Post – The Sierra Nevadas

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Sierra Nevadas 2Halfway? What? Just about.
June 22, 2015

I’ve hiked most of the way through the Sierra Nevadas and am now heading into Northern California.  Almost 1100 miles in, and as this is posted I’m in South Lake Tahoe!  I’ve nearly been taken out by a casino buffet.  This should be about my halfway point as far as the time schedule goes, with more than half of the PCT miles ahead of me.

Sierra Nevadas 6Sierra Nevadas 14
Sierra Nevadas 7With my trail legs fully under me and the terrain getting easier I should be able to do many 30+ mile days in the future.  As much as I’m going to miss being above tree line, of course, I have to keep pushing forward.

Sierra Nevadas 5Sierra Nevadas 9Sierra Nevadas 16The Sierras made me realize how much I enjoy the high country.  It feels like you’re on a different planet that not many others get the opportunity to visit.

Sierra Nevadas 15 Sierra Nevadas 11Sierra Nevadas 1

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