Honoring Veterans at Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus

Today, in honor of Veterans Day, Heart to Heart International is providing flu shots and handing out hygiene kits at Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus. The kits were assembled yesterday by Kiewitt and designed specifically for homeless and housing insecure veterans. The flu shots and hygiene kits are in addition to several other activities at Hope Faith for its launch of its new initiative: Homeless Veterans Assistance Coalition (H.V.A.C.). Other activities included a visit from Mayor Lucas, a flag ceremony, and lunch provided by Operation BBQ Relief.

When veterans arrive, they had their temperatures taken and were given a mask.  They were verified as a veteran by the KC Vet Center and issued a “dog tag” that served as a ticket for all the veteran services. The veterans then had the opportunity to sign up for flu shots and haircuts and eat breakfast or lunch, depending on what time it was. After eating the veterans came back to the veteran only area to pick up hygiene kits and cold weather items on their way out.

The hygiene kits were assembled by Kiewitt yesterday:

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