Honoring Veterans Day with Hygiene Kits

In honor of Veterans Day, our PowrServ program will be assembling Veteran’s Hygiene Kits for homeless and housing-insecure veterans.

“Heart to Heart International’s mission is to improve health access for people in need. Though most hygiene kits made through our PowrServ program are distributed after disasters, it became clear to us that there were significant needs within our own and our partners’ own communities, specifically with the homeless and homeless veteran population,” said Kim Carroll, Heart to Heart International, CEO. 

The Homeless Hygiene Kit was designed after months of planning and input from organizations dedicated to helping people in housing-insecure situations. Included in the kit, among other items, are hand towels, washcloths, soap, socks, body cleaning wipes, and a resource card that instructs veterans on how to access resources in their areas.

The items in the Veteran’s Hygiene Kit not only support the physical comfort, health and hygiene of kit recipients, but they also draw veterans in to have conversations about resources that are available to them, including  housing alternatives, healthcare, job training, and PTSD counseling.

Since introducing this kit last year, we have delivered them to organizations including Veterans Community Project and VFW.

If you want to sponsor an event to assemble Veteran’s Hygiene Kits, contact our PowrServ program at alex.welter@hearttoheart.org.

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