Hurricane Idalia

Idalia made landfall on the coast of Florida as a powerful Category 3 hurricane on August 30.

The storm surge from Idalia engulfed several Florida cities in floodwater. Several major bridges connecting Florida islands to the mainland were inaccessible, and the storm’s destructive rampage brought intense flooding, powerful winds and tornadoes to coastal Georgia and South Carolina.

Heart to Heart International’s Disaster Response Team began immediately coordinating with partners on the ground, and more than 6,000 hygiene kits have been sent to help those impacted by the powerful storm.

Because the official hurricane season continues until November 30, we are preparing for future storms and disasters. You can donate to help us prepare for the next disaster or sign up to volunteer to assemble hygiene kits that will be sent whenever the next major disaster strikes. Your help in advance ensures that critical aid reaches those in need as quickly as possible.