Hurricane Season

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In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma & Maria destruction, Heart to Heart International (HHI) is committed to helping affected families by providing medicines, medical care and humanitarian aid. Our medical teams continue to see patients in Texas and Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico on September 20, the island was left without power, clean water or communication capabilities. People were in desperate need of help. And, on October 6, that help arrived from a most unexpected spot on the globe: the tiny island nation of Haiti, which itself is well-versed in the damage and destruction caused by natural disasters. Read more about our Haitian Response Team, here.

Heart to Heart International is going to some of the hardest-hit and remote areas of Puerto Rico bringing medical relief to people cut-off from the outside world.  HHI medical volunteer teams are in Caguas, Puerto Rico. They are seeing patients in Rio Canas, Orocovis and Jayuya. They have also set up an urgent/primary care center in Barranquitas. The teams are the only humanitarian responders providing medical care in these remote areas. Please support our efforts to help those in greatest need.

HHI arrived with medical supplies on Sunday late afternoon into Caguas, a major city south of the capital, San Juan. Several nurses saw our helicopter circling and rushed out to help us unload. The pilot of the helo did not stop his rotors, as he was in a hurry to get going before dark. It was a long day of flying….starting in Port-au-Prince, refueling in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, refueling and clearing customs in San Juan, and then getting permission to fly on to Caguas. Thank the Lord, we made it!

HHI’s entire Disaster Response Team arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico Wednesday, September 28th. When air travel to Puerto Rico proved impossible, HHI found a ship to transport the team and gear. The travel from Florida was donated by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. International. In addition to providing rooms and meals, Anthem of the Seas also carried thousands of pounds of gear, medical supplies, vaccines, and generators. Thank you Royal Caribbean! Your generosity has made it possible for HHI to provide medical care to the people in Puerto Rico whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Maria.

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Thank You Partners

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Houston and South-East Texas

21230780_10155234305708515_6431916774799715046_nVolunteers and staff on the ground in Texas on 10/13: 1 MD, 1 DO, 1 NP. In Katy, the team saw 19 patients, and 13 Tdap and 23 flu vaccines. In Tomball, the team saw 7 patients. For outreach, the team saw 3 patients and administered 4 Tdaps and 6 flu vaccines. On 10/14: 1 MD, 1DO, 1 RNs, 1 Para.  The team saw 13 patients and administered 54 Tdap and 66 flu vaccines in outreach.  The team on 10/15: 3 MDs, 1 DO, 1 RN, 1 Para. The team administered 121 flu vaccines through outreach. They also provided outreach at Tomball Emergency Assistance Ministries (TEAM), the Bread of Life Ministries Food Pantry, Northeast Houston Civic Club Distribution Site, Dickinson Distribution Site, Independence Heights Alliance of Hope Night Out, and a Chinese Baptist Church. Team members continue to see patients who have lost all their medications and prescriptions in the flood and don’t have anywhere to go to get replacements. Most people do not have access to clinics, with several clinics having flooded and not replaced. Emotional and mental issues are being seen at an increasing frequency.

Haiti and Other Caribbean Islands

I21462493_10214626615365370_5691942145018880705_nn northern Haiti, we have identified a commune (Anse-à-Foleur) that was hard hit by Irma, and one of our Haitian medical teams is being deployed to assist. If cholera does not break out, it will cost around $50,000 for one month of medical response. If cholera does appear, and the conditions there are perfect for it to do so, that number can jump dramatically as we fight to prevent the spread of that scourge. Fortunately, our Haitian medical teams are veterans having fought cholera many times, including after hurricane Matthew last year. Heart to Heart is currently assessing other needs in the devastated Caribbean islands. Logistical issues are still difficult, but plans support to other island nations are coming together quickly.

St. Lucia

Thousands of health & hygiene kits and medical supplies were shipped Friday to help those impacted by Hurricane Maria. Haiti medical teams are preparing to leave for St. Martin. French-speaking medical teams will be a great asset in this disaster situation.

21743504_1898914950361814_7995721591832598559_oPowrServ Hygiene Kits

We have already distributed approximately 20,000 hygiene kits and that number is likely to exceed 30,000 by the end of this coming week. As fast as we can build them, they are headed out the door for Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia and other Caribbean islands. Thousands of volunteers are donating their time and money to help in this critical endeavor.

The significance of what we are accomplishing, and the number of people we are touching in many different locations, is certainly a record. Our donors can also be proud of the way we are using their support as they intend: helping those in need while keeping our overhead low.

People working together can weather any storm, even hurricanes like Harvey, Irma and Maria. But, we cannot do it without your support. Please help us make a difference for those impacted by these horrific storms and enable us to keep providing medicines, medical care and humanitarian aid to hurricane victims.

21751328_10155269797388515_6855655201694613497_nFlorida Keys

The Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) was established and treating patients on Big Pine Key, at the epicenter of Hurricane Irma’s eye when it slammed into Florida. The entire area was devastated, and those who remained and those returning are seeking help. HHI was the first medical responder to arrive in that area, and we delivered healthcare to residents and responders alike for over a week. We have completed our advance response and have shifted volunteers to Texas and Puerto Rico.

All designated proceeds will go directly to its respective hurricane.