Hygiene essentials to Afghan refugees

Tens of thousands of Afghans who helped American forces during the war are now arriving in the United States as refugees.

According to reports from NPR: “Most will start the new American chapter of their lives at military installations scattered across the U.S. where they’ll be vetted before moving on to more permanent destinations. That includes Texas, which has become one of several hubs for refugees who’ve been granted special immigration visas for working with the U.S. in Afghanistan. The sudden influx means resettlement agencies across Texas and elsewhere, are rushing to secure housing, schooling, groceries and furniture for the new arrivals.”

The House of Charity, in Houston, Texas, is working to resettle some of these incoming Afghan refugees. The organization reached out to HHI requesting hygiene kits for Afghan refugees, and the response was immediately: yes. The kits contain essential hygiene items, including soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. These items can help protect against infection and disease as well as helping provide a sense of normalcy to people impacted by crises like the current Afghan refugee crisis. The kits were delivered to The House of Charity on Wednesday, September 1.

HHI is currently working with more partner organizations to deliver these essential hygiene items to organizations working to resettle those arriving from Afghanistan.

You can help by sponsoring a hygiene kit that will be delivered to someone in need.

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