Hygiene Kits Distributed in Haiti

The recent surge of violence and conflict in Haiti has caused immense hardship for millions of people. Many families have been displaced from their homes, facing uncertainty and a lack of basic necessities. In these difficult times, access to hygiene supplies becomes even more critical to prevent the spread of disease.

Heart to Heart International is committed to supporting relief efforts in Haiti. Through our longstanding partnership with Food For The Poor (FFTP), we’ve been able to deliver essential hygiene kits to those affected by the crisis. These kits contain essential items like soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and feminine hygiene products, providing a sense of dignity and helping to maintain good health during challenging circumstances.

Our partnership with Food For The Poor allows us to effectively deliver aid where it’s needed most. FFTP has a well-established network in Haiti, enabling them to quickly and efficiently distribute hygiene kits to those in need. In April, HHI donated 20,000 hygiene kits to Food For The Poor, and in June they were able to safely distribute the first batch of them in Haiti to Fondation St. Luc and families who need them most.

Together, we are working to alleviate the suffering of displaced Haitians.