Hygiene Kits for Pakistan flooding

Pakistan’s 2022 monsoon season produced catastrophic levels of rainfall causing devastating floods and landslides and impacting close to eight million people.

According to the Pakistani government, 81 districts across the country have been declared “calamity hit.” Many of the hardest-hit districts are amongst the most vulnerable districts in Pakistan, where children already suffer from high rates of malnutrition, poor access to water and sanitation, major gender disparities and other deprivations. Over 664,000 people are in displacement camps, with many lacking adequate shelter and access to adequate food, clean water and sanitation.

Heart to Heart International sent a 40-foot container shipment of medicines and medical supplies to our partners at Poverty Eradication Initiative in response to the needs of those affected in Pakistan.

HHI has also coordinated with local organizations for volunteers to assemble thousands of hygiene kits to send to Pakistan. Almost 1,500 of those Hygiene Kits were sent to our partner Water Mission who then distributed them to:

  • 171 families in the village of Himatabad in the district of Tando Muhammad Khan
  • 300 families in the village of Ghulam Hussain Barohi in the district of Tando Allahya

HHI has sent another 18,000 hygiene kits to Pakistan through a partnership with FedEx, which is providing the shipping. These kits will be used in Poverty Eradication Initiative’s relief efforts targeting the hardest-hit regions.

The hygiene kits leaving the HHI warehouse. Thanks to FedEx for providing shipment for these kits:

Volunteers assembling hygiene kits for Pakistan flooding relief: