Hygiene Kit Assembly

Hygiene kits are integral to the Heart to Heart International mission. By helping to assemble hygiene kits, you will improve the health of people across town and around the globe. 

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HHI´s Hygiene Kit program:

Why hygiene kits?

Hygiene Kits Are Vital

Hygiene kits are vital to Heart to Heart International’s humanitarian aid work. They are distributed in the immediate aftermath of disasters and as part of ongoing crisis responses.

Dignity and Comfort

This simple drawstring bag contains essential hygiene items that can provide a sense of dignity and physical comfort, in addition to serving as the first line of defense against the spread of illness.

The heart of everything

A hygiene kit might seem like a small gesture, but when offered to someone in need during the most vulnerable time of their life, it represents hope and health.

This is the heart of everything we do.

donate a kit

Why donate hygiene kits?

When you donate the cost of a kit, it will be assembled on your behalf at Heart to Heart International headquarters. The kits will then be distributed to help people impacted by disasters or crises.

Each kit costs $10. 

Donate a Kit