KC Community builds hygiene kit in aftermath of Maui wildfires

Last night, members of the Kansas City community gathered to assemble hygiene kits for those affected by disasters across the globe. With the recent Maui wildfires in our minds, the value of these kits becomes all too clear – they’re more than just necessities; they’re lifelines.

When disaster strikes, it can be easy to overlook the significance of basic hygiene. Clean water, soap, a toothbrush are often taken for granted, yet they form a first line of defense against illnesses and diseases.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as we watch the tragedy unfolding somewhere else, but these hygiene kits represent a tangible way to make a meaningful impact.

As people packed each hygiene kit, they knew that somewhere out there, someone would receive not just an assortment of items, but a bit of hope and a reminder that they are people who care.

HHI has already delivered one shipment of hygiene kits and have more shipments planned to support the efforts of local Maui organizations.

To everyone who joined us at our headquarters last night – thank you. Thank you for pulling together as a community and for providing support for those who need it most.