Kits to help Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus

Heart to Heart International CEO Kim Carroll (left) with staff from Heart to Heart International and Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus with hygiene kits.

Last week, Heart to Heart International staff, including CEO Kim Carroll, dropped off hygiene kits built by State Street to the Hope Faith Homeless Assistance Campus.

According to a 2017 study: “access to adequate sanitation infrastructure has long been identified as a precursor for personal hygiene and good health. Persons experiencing extreme poverty, especially those experiencing homelessness, may face reduced access to sanitation facilities and difficulties engaging in health-promoting self-care activities as a result.” 

These kits (assembled through our PowrServ program) provide clients at Hope Faith the critical supplies needed to maintain proper hygiene.

“Basic daily hygiene is the foundation of good health” said Hallie Thompson, a registered nurse who treats our patients at Hope Faith and understands the resource limitations many of her patients face every day.