Medical Aid in Remote Guatemala

Guatemala faces a significant challenge: 35% of its population lacks access to basic health and nutrition services. This disproportionately affects indigenous communities, leaving them vulnerable during times of need.

Through our Access to Medicine program, Heart to Heart International (HHI) partners with organizations like Cross Catholic Outreach (CCO) to tackle these inequities and bring aid to those who need it most

CCO’s partner, Amigos por la Salud y la Vida (ASV), plays a crucial role in addressing the urgent need for medicine beyond Guatemala City.

  • Essential medicines reach those who need them most: HHI’s medical donations allow ASV to equip over 300 clinics across Guatemala. This ensures critical supplies reach even the most remote regions.
  • Community outreach empowers local voices: ASV works hand-in-hand with municipalities and community leaders. This local approach ensures healthcare services address the specific needs of each area.
  • A model for collaboration: By establishing and equipping primary healthcare clinics, ASV creates a model for effective partnerships. This collaboration advocates for increased resources directed toward Guatemala’s most vulnerable populations.

The impact is undeniable.

A community leader from San Vicente Pacaya expressed his gratitude for HHI’s donations: “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to [all who contributed] for the great help to our municipality of San Vicente Pacaya. We have received a wide variety of medicines for different illnesses. We have reached out to our communities and have found people who do not have the money to buy one pill, and we have found them in critical condition. Today, thanks to generous donors, our people are getting relief, and we are bringing them their medicine, and they are having a great benefit on their health.”

The story of a mother receiving a wheelchair for her daughter exemplifies the life-changing impact of these efforts. Her words speak volumes: “Thank you to all the people for your collaboration in providing this wheelchair for my daughter and helping us with her medicine. May God bless you all!”

CCO echoes these sentiments, expressing their deepest gratitude for support. The donations of medicine and other supplies through HHI’s Access to Medicine program empower local communities to advocate for themselves, ensuring a brighter, healthier future for all Guatemalans.