Mom Would Be Proud…

Here’s a thought:

  1. We all have or had mothers.
  2. We all know someone who is a mother.
  3. They all want to be thought of this Mother’s Day.

So, how are you going to show them that they are indeed thought of?  A sweet card is an excellent choice as always.  (The mothers in my life will be glad to know that I haven’t waited until the last minute, like last year, to get a card or two.) But what else?

Here’s something: There are four days until Mother’s Day, and as it turns out, there are four days left in our Groupon Care Kit Campaign. That got me thinking, making a Groupon purchase for Heart to Heart on behalf of Mom could make a pretty nice gift.

So click the green Groupon banner above to see how you can give this meaningful gift.  It would show the mother in your life you’re thinking of them, and show you’re thinking of other mothers around the world and the US who are in need of a Heart to Heart Care Kit.

Just a thought.