Partner Spotlight: Johnson & Johnson

Since 1999, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies and the Johnson & Johnson Foundation have donated over $60 million in cash and product to Heart to Heart International to help HHI achieve its mission to improve access to quality healthcare to people in need around the globe. During the past 10 years, this support has helped Heart to Heart International assemble and distribute more than 275,000 personal hygiene kits.

The company also sponsored the One Child One Blanket program, which provides children’s blankets and activity kits to children displaced from their home due to emergency.

In disaster situations, kids can get lost in the chaos. They have been displaced from their homes, and are living in temporary quarters – in shelters, with friends or family. Their parents are stressed, and they have typically lost almost all material possessions. The idea of the One Child One Blanket program was to provide children with something soft that they could keep – something to give them some comfort in the uncertainty of a crisis.

Over the years, employees of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies have supported victims of humanitarian disasters, mainly through company-matched financial and product donations, and the One Child, One Blanket (OCOB) program gives employees a more personal way to get involved. Johnson & Johnson employees across the world are encouraged to assemble blankets for children through the One Child One Blanket program. Blanket donations are made year-round by individual employees as well as through group efforts supported by colleagues, friends, families and the community. The blankets then become part of a kit of individual hygiene items prepared in advance of need. In 2009, the program’s first year, 1,900 blankets were collected, more than the initial 1,500 goal. Since 2013, the Company has been partnering with HHI to manage the OCOB program – providing HHI with funding to purchase children’s blankets and activity items (coloring book/crayons etc.) and to assemble and distribute Comfort Kits to children after crisis.

In addition to all of the above, the Johnson & Johnson Foundation and the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies provide invaluable support to HHI for disaster preparedness and response.

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