Partnerships Changing Lives in Kansas City

At Heart to Heart International, it is our commitment to improve essential health access throughout the world, the United States and in our own backyard of Kansas City. Recently, during a health fair in Kansas City, Kansas, our Community Health team, in collaboration with partners Juntos Center for Advancing Latino Health and Pharmacy of Grace, had a remarkable encounter that changed a life – James’s.

The Health Fair and James’s Transformation:

During the event, where we offered COVID-19 vaccinations and distributed hygiene kits, James approached us seeking help. Without medical insurance, he revealed his struggle with a seizure disorder and the inability to afford his necessary medications.

A Heartfelt Solution and Gratitude:

Moved by James’s situation, our team swiftly intervened. We connected him with Pharmacy of Grace, our trusted partners, who shared the news that James could receive his medications free of charge. With gratitude, he tearfully expressed, “You have no idea how much you just helped me.”

The Power of Community and Your Support:

James’s story showcases the tremendous impact we can make when we come together through partnerships and as a community. By providing essential resources and support, Heart to Heart International enabled James to regain control of his health and well-being. Together, we can create a world where everyone has the care and support they deserve.