Point-of-Care Lab in Utah Health Clinic

The Moab Free Health Clinic is a nonprofit organization established in 2008 to ensure that all members of the Moab community have access to medical care and health resources, regardless of background or financial means. Over the years, its services have grown significantly, embracing a wide range of healthcare offerings to serve its community.

The clinic offers a diverse array of services, including primary care visits, mental health support, STI treatment and testing, lab testing, dermatology, nurse consultations, women’s health services, healthcare navigation, vision screening and health education. The clinic is open five days a week.

Located in the vibrant but remote town of Moab, Utah, the clinic faces unique challenges. While it attracts over 100,000 tourists annually, Moab is situated four hours away from Salt Lake City and has a modest population of around 10,000. A significant portion of this population include hospitality workers without health insurance. The clinic also actively engages with the area’s homeless population, serving as a crucial hub for community resources.

In 2023, the Moab Free Health Clinic was selected as one of six grant recipients to receive new point-of-care laboratory equipment and training through a collaborative program with Heart to Heart International, National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, BD and Henry Schein Cares.

On September 29, 2023, the clinic’s point-of-care lab equipment installation was completed, and clinic staff members underwent extensive training on nine essential test systems, including blood sugar, influenza, pregnancy, Strep A, RSV and more.

These tests empower the clinic to provide immediate results and treatment plans during a single patient office visit, significantly enhancing the quality of care.

The clinic will continue to receive ongoing technical support and mentoring, alongside vital testing reagents and supplies throughout the next calendar year. This partnership showcases the power of collaboration in making quality healthcare accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances.