Preparing for disasters in the Caribbean

The month of August is the start of the height of hurricane season, and the Caribbean has a history of being hit hard with powerful storms. Through planning and partnerships, Heart to Heart International has been bracing and preparing for the likelihood of hurricanes hitting islands in the Caribbean.

After its disaster response to Hurricane Maria devastating Puerto Rico in 2017, HHI developed four partnerships throughout the island and has continued supporting those partners in the years following the storm.

As we look toward the future, in partnership with Ponce School of Medicine, HHI will be facilitating a disaster response workshop for medical residents and staff of the school. This training will increase their capabilities and skills for any future crises responses. Along with developing the workshop with the medical school, HHI has delivered almost 2,000 hygiene kits to each of our partners so they are prepared to respond immediately in case of a natural disaster.

HHI’s disaster response is only as strong as our local partnerships, and we are so grateful for our partners throughout the world, especially the great partners in Puerto Rico.

Hygiene kits were delivered by Ponce School of Medicine after earthquakes in Puerto Rico in 2020.

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