Providing help after Hurricane Laura

Right place, right time –  When Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana in August, Jackie White, Medical Director at The Health Hut in Ruston, Louisiana, found herself in a unique position to help people troughout the state.

White’s neighbor runs the North Louisiana Disaster Relief (through a ministry called Rolling Hills), and the group was bringing 18 wheelers down to Lake Charles, LA, following Hurricane Laura. White mentioned that her clinic had just received hygiene kits from Heart to Heart International and asked if North Louisiana Disaster Relief could use some for the people they were serving.

“She [White’s neighbor] almost cried when she said they just had a call for some kits for the electrical/line men working down there,” White said. “They had nowhere to sleep and nothing to wash off with for a few days. They had just found a gym with cots and bathrooms for them to use, but had no toiletries for them.”

White’s team at The Health Hut were able to share the hygiene kits, which were personally driven down to the work men the next day.

“Just know [Heart to Heart International] not only helped North Louisiana, but also South Louisiana, which was hit hardest by the hurricane,” Jackie White, Medical Director, The Health Hut.

In 2019, The Health Hut in Ruston, Louisiana, received a grant for a point of care laboratory through the Point of Care, Enhancing Clinical Effectiveness (PoCECE) program. This program is a collaboration between Heart to Heart International, BD, and National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics. The program is currently narrowing down the finalists for the 2020 grant award. Winners will be announced before the end of the year.


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