Relief for Texas

In February, the southeast region of the United States was impacted by severe cold weather which significantly impacted Texas’s power grid and water supply. Nationwide, 58 deaths have been linked to the cold weather. Heart to Heart International has been reaching out to partners and organizations across the state of Texas to determine how we can help. Today, we are sending a shipment of hygiene kits, blankets and cleaning supplies to the City of Temple Public Works to be distributed to the community of Temple, Texas.

Hygiene kits being distributed in Temple, Texas.
  • At the height of the disaster, 4.5 million people in Texas were without power.
  • Water and food distribution sites have been set up throughout the state, but a shortage of supplies remains an issue.  Stores face inventory shortage due to supply chain interruptions and overwhelming demand from people trying to stockpile items.
  • President Biden issued a major disaster declaration for the state of Texas to provide federal government assistance.

We continue reaching out to partners and other organizations throughout the state to determine how we can help with any additional needs on the ground.