Responding to 2020 California Wildfires

California has had 7,175 wildfires since the beginning of 2020, burning a total of 1,660,332 acres and destroying 3,180 structures, thus far.

On August 15, a lightning siege began and officials have now recorded nearly 14,000 lightning strikes. These lightning strikes have contributed to more than 875 new wildfires – burning 1.4 million acres and killing 7 people.

Over 16,000 firefighters continue to battle major fires and lightning complexes across California. As progress is made, many of the evacuation orders have been lifted or downgraded. However, nearly 40,000 people remain evacuated from the current wildfires.

Seasonable weather conditions continue to aid firefighters in their efforts towards containment at lower elevations. Above 2,000 feet firefighters are still seeing low humidity without recovery at night. Warmer conditions are expected over the weekend and Isolated thunderstorms are still possible in the upper portion of northern California and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. A heat advisory is in effect for the northern most counties.

Heart to Heart International has been in touch with partners in California and has sent a shipment of masks and gloves to Adventist Community Services in Bakersfield, California, to help people affected by these fires.