Responding to the Aftermath of Hurricane Otis

On October 25, Hurricane Otis became the most powerful hurricane to make landfall in Mexico’s recorded history. Its rapid transformation from a tropical storm to a formidable hurricane in less than 24 hours left little time to prepare before it crashed into the resort town of Acapulco, Mexico. The aftermath has been nothing short of devastating.

Heart to Heart International’s Disaster Response Team is actively engaging with partners on the ground to determine the needs of those impacted by this record-breaking hurricane.

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Although official assessments are still underway, officials have reported 48 casualties and 36 individuals missing. Countless roads have been blocked or washed away, severely impeding the delivery of essential aid to the affected areas. Access to clean drinking water is gradually improving, but the availability of this basic necessity remains a pressing concern. It is evident that the region faces a long and challenging road to recovery.

Thanks to sponsorship from Kenvue and the dedication of HHI volunteers, we are sending 900 hygiene kits to our partner Hope Worldwide. These kits will provide essential relief and support to those in need in Acapulco.

We are continuing to coordinate with partners on the ground to provide needed medical and humanitarian aid to help those impacted by this devastating storm.