Restoring community in Haiti with Church of the Resurrection and HHI

Church of the Resurrection and Heart to Heart International have been a part of the community restoration project in the county of Petit-Goave, Haiti, since 2013. In addition to COVID-19 education and medical outreach in the mountains, the long-term partnership has been instrumental in planning, establishing and creating strong communities for generations to come. To do this, the communities needed an organizational structure with strong local community leadership. For these communities to move closer to sustainability HHI and COR partnered with them on their locally identified programmatic needs, ranging from water purification, community gardens, after school programs, reforestation, Haitian-lead health care, and many others.

HHI and COR dedicated years to developing federations, representing the different religious sectors, local government officials, and other local community associations; establishing a highly successful Microfinance & Savings program; and ultimately changing the course for thousands of families living in poverty in rural Petit-Goave by helping them build a strong local community. Most recently, HHI completed a project funded primarily by COR providing COVID-19 education in Haiti and sending its vital mobile medical unit and team to the hard-to-reach, remote mountainous areas of Haiti.

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