Sponsor a Kit

Disasters and crises can not only affect people’s physical health, but also their emotional health. Children are often the most vulnerable in these situations and the least able to advocate for themselves and their own health. We are introducing the new Children’s Emotional Health kit in response to this critical issue. The kits are being designed in consultation with experts and will focus on the importance of supporting children’s emotional as well as physical health.

We need your help to create and distribute these kits in addition to the hygiene kits we usually distribute after disasters.

Last year, we distributed almost 150,000 hygiene kits to local shelters, healthcare facilities, school districts, nonprofit organizations and food pantries throughout the United States and the world. These kits helped people struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic and after disasters. This was the highest number of kits we’ve ever distributed, and the simple reality is, we need more kits.

With the height of hurricane season still to come and experts warning of dangerous wildfire conditions, we need more kits to be prepared to respond, and we need your help to do it.

Your sponsorship of $10 will provide hygiene supplies or emotional support items that will be delivered to a person in need.

This is what we do. Help us support children’s emotional and physical health in the aftermath of disasters and crises.

Heart to Heart International has been working on the development of these kits in partnership with Kuzidi, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing much-needed multilingual programs, activities, and services through a global outreach effort to improve the lives of children.

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