Supporting health clinics – through scrubs and coats

HealthFinders Collaborative has been providing COVID-19 testing to people in need in their community in Faribult, Minnesota, but as summer temperatures rose and staff had to wear personal protective gowns over their scrubs, many staff members were sweating through their scrubs.

So, when Heart to Heart International received a donation of discontinued scrubs and laboratory coats, we knew they could be put to good use by the hard-working staff at HealthFinders Collective. The staff had converted to a largely all-scrub practice in March, and utilizing their on-site laundry facility and the donated scrubs and laboratory coats, staff members have been able to easily change their scrubs at work and enhance their infection control during this pandemic.

The donated items had emblems and embroidered logos from various universities and medical schools, but the staff at HealthFinders had no problem working with that.

“It was like Christmas when the boxes arrived!” Emily Carroll, Director of Clinical Care and Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP), said. “The existing embroidery or patches is easily picked off or we have just put our own nametags over them. Many of our staff grew up in Texas and got a kick out of the many items with Texas origins. The fellow in the green mask is our long-term volunteer Dr. Bob Aby who now comes to his shifts wearing this obviously nursing student scrub top but he loves it! I am the grinning brown-haired woman without glasses completely in love with my tailored and much higher-quality lab coat than I’ve ever had! So many pockets!”

Since 2002, HealthFinders Collaborative has been providing vital health care services to people with limited access to resources. In 2018, HealthFinders Collaborative received a grant through Heart to Heart International, BD, and the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics for the installation of a point-of-care laboratory in their clinic. HealthFinders actively works to provide not only health and dental services, but assistance with community resources and social services through its Patient Advocacy program. Its clinics have remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, while still maintaining the health and safety of patients and staff as a top priority.

We are proud to continue to partner with organizations such as HealthFinders Collaborative doing such amazing work taking care of the people in their communities, especially as they work to navigate the ever-changing world of COVID-19.

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