Supporting Health in Zambia

At Heart to Heart International, our commitment to supporting under-resourced communities extends across the globe. In countries like Zambia, where poverty and lack of access to essential services are prevalent in rural areas, our collaborative efforts with Cross Catholic Outreach aim to make a meaningful difference.

In these regions, poverty and unemployment rates soar, amplifying the challenges of accessing education and healthcare. The most vulnerable, especially children, often lack the basic necessities of life—food, shelter, healthcare, and education. Women face disproportionate hardship, bearing the brunt of poverty and violence, exacerbating the cycle of inequality.

The aid we’ve sent to Zambia, which has been carefully chosen to address specific needs, has proven invaluable in enhancing the lives of vulnerable communities. Wheelchair parts, wheelchairs and crutches have significantly improved mobility for individuals with disabilities, empowering them to navigate their lives more freely.

Essential medical supplies such as gloves, masks, syringes and needles have played a pivotal role in supporting medical procedures in remote areas. These supplies contribute directly to better patient outcomes, disease prevention and management, and administration of crucial medications and vaccines.

Cross Catholic Outreach and Daughters of the Redeemer have been instrumental in channeling our aid to areas of Zambia facing significant challenges. Founded by Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo in 1969, Daughters of the Redeemer’s mission mirrors our own at Heart to Heart International.

The organization focuses on delivering essential services to the marginalized and underprivileged, operating crucial projects across the country. These include a 150-bed hospital catering to the Western Province and a 30-bed health center in the Southern Province. Additionally, it manages schools, orphanages, and other social services, all aimed at providing healthcare, education and support to those in need.

Daughters of the Redeemer runs its own health facilities and depends on other organizations for material support. Daughter of the Redeemer’s recipient institutions include a hospital, a health center, schools, after-school centers, orphanages, and feeding centers that serve the most vulnerable communities of Zambia.

By providing targeted aid and support to organizations like Daughters of the Redeemer in Zambia, we’re not just delivering supplies—we’re delivering hope, health and empowerment for those who need it most.