Help us with a survey!

At Heart to Heart International, we are committed to our mission of improving healthcare access. We also are committed to providing a positive donor experience. To accomplish this, we need your help.

We have partnered with the University of Kansas Integrated Marketing Communications research class to analyze what can make nonprofit organizations like ours successful. We are asking for people to complete this 5-10-minute survey about charitable giving. No participant information has been or will be sold or disclosed to third parties.

When we reach 100 finished surveys, the students will donate $200 from a research grant to Heart to Heart International as well as give us insights into how to make giving to our organization easier and more rewarding. 

Data will be used strictly for research purposes.

Please click this link and follow the survey instructions.

Thank you for helping us accomplish our mission. We rely on supporters like you for feedback as we continue to improve our donor experience.