Surveying COVID-19 in Puerto Rico

To track the spread of COVID-19 in Puerto Rico, Heart to Heart International Community Health Promoters have implemented an initiative to monitor the health conditions of those living in rural mountainous areas.

HHI Community Health Promoters are reaching out to connect with community members to check on their health and keep track of any symptoms. The promoters inform the community members about the health services available to them during this pandemic, including the community clinic that Heart to Heart International helped build last year.

The Community Health Promoter program was established through a partnership with Heart to Heart International and COSSAO (a local community organization) in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

COSSAO has also secured resources to buy food and cover health-related expenses for the elderly with low incomes and those who live alone.

“We cannot renounce our obligation to serve our communities. We must work tirelessly to ensure the well being and future of every person. Communities have taken the challenge of creating a new future regardless of the challenges in front of them. We will never surrender, the lives of many depend on our work, and this is our purpose in life.”

Francisco Valentín Soto (COSSAO’s Board of Directors President)

The Community Active Epidemiologic Surveillance Initiative for the COVID-19, Influenza and Mycoplasma program is being implemented through a partnership with COSSAO, Brigadas Salubristas and Heart to Heart International.

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