The Medina Clinic lab celebrates one-year anniversary

Thanks to corporate funding from EVERSANA, Heart to Heart International installed a new laboratory at The Medina Clinic in Grandview, Missouri, to provide early diagnostics of medical conditions and identify and monitor chronic disease status and progression.

Founded in 2009, The Medina Clinic is a nonprofit medical clinic offering healthcare to all Jackson County, Missouri, residents including those without health insurance.

The point of care lab was installed in March 2022 and within the first year completed 75 lab tests for 60 patients. Because lab testing can be completed quickly on site, patient results are shared and acted on within the same clinic visit, increasing diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for patients. The lab’s primary testing focuses on A1C, to measure blood sugars, and urinalysis, but is also able to perform pregnancy, Strep A, Flu A and B, and RSV testing.

Capitalizing on the lab testing capabilities, the clinic has initiated weekly classes for its diabetic patients to monitor their progress and empower the patients to become experts on their own conditions.

“With the new testing machine, we’re able to provide on-the-spot A1C results that help make an expert out of our patients so that they can begin to address some of their own health challenges,” said Dr. Wael Mourad, medical director of The Medina Clinic.

“We’ve also noticed that the peer support that the patients get and give during the classes is invaluable because it allows us to bring humanity and an extra layer of cultural sensitivity to the care of our patients.”

EVERSANA, which sponsored the lab, is a marketing company for pharma, healthcare and medical organization. The company prides itself on giving back to under-resourced communities throughout the United States by providing access to healthcare to those in need. In addition to the laboratory in Greater Kansas City, EVERSANA supports a laboratory at a clinic in Chicago and has plans to work with Heart to Heart International on a sponsorship of a laboratory in a clinic in New York.