The Ongoing Struggle of Ukrainian IDPs

Even after two years of war, the plight of internally displaced Ukrainians (IDPs) remains critical. While some have returned home, hundreds of thousands face an uncertain future with their houses destroyed or occupied.

Lost jobs, rising costs, and limited support leave many struggling to meet basic needs. With nearly 80% of industrial infrastructure destroyed, unemployment is rampant, creating a significant financial gap. Limited benefits and assistance barely cover rent and utilities, let alone other essentials. Even basic necessities like food and hygiene products become luxuries.

Constant uncertainty and hardship take a heavy toll. Imagine families living in temporary shelters, worried about the future, and struggling to afford even the most basic necessities. The elderly, often relying solely on pensions, are especially vulnerable. Simple things like soap and toothpaste become out of reach.

But amidst the struggle, hope remains. Heart to Heart International is working with partners on the ground, including Light of Reformation, to help IDPs. We offer more than just assistance; we offer hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Take David, a 26-year-old from Sievierodonetsk whose life was turned upside down by the war. He lost his job, home and belongings, leaving him and his family facing an unknown future. The emotional toll is heavy as David battles despair alongside his family every day.

When they reached Ternopil, the local church provided temporary housing, support, and new friendships. But the wounds of war run deep. Your support empowers David and others like him to keep moving forward despite the challenges.

A simple hygiene kit becomes a powerful message: you are not alone. The world stands with you. Together, we can offer IDPs not just necessities, but a reason to believe in a brighter tomorrow.