The role of the HHI warehouse

The Heart to Heart International warehouse is a vital but often underestimated component of our operations. While it may not seem glamorous, the warehouse, including its team of dedicated workers and volunteers, is critical to the success of our Access to Medicine program. This year, the statistics from our warehouse operations clearly show the real-world difference it makes in the lives of countless individuals.

A Year of Unprecedented Achievement

As of September 15, 2023, Heart to Heart International’s Access to Medicine program has received a staggering $227 million worth of medicine and medical supplies. To put this in perspective, during the same period last year, our organization had received $197.6 million worth of donations. This remarkable increase highlights the ever-growing need for medical aid worldwide and underscores the essential role our warehouse plays in meeting this demand.

Surpassing Expectations in Shipments

Equally remarkable is our performance in terms of shipments. In 2023, our team at the warehouse has already shipped a total value of $237 million in medicines and medical supplies. This achievement is nothing short of extraordinary, considering that it surpasses the total value of shipments we made throughout the entirety of 2022, which amounted to $226 million.

It also marks the second-highest value we’ve ever shipped in a single year, just behind our record year in 2019 when we shipped $289 million worth of medical supplies. It’s a testament to the incredible dedication and careful logistics planning within our warehouse.

A Chance to Surpass Records

The question now arises: can we break our own all-time record this year? To surpass the 2019 record, we would need to maintain an average monthly shipment value of $17.3 million for the next three months.

While this is undoubtedly a challenge, it’s not beyond the reach of our passionate and dedicated team. Our mission reminds us that every dollar in supplies shipped from our warehouse has the potential to save lives, alleviate suffering and offer health and hope to those in need.

The warehouse is essential to all of the work that we do. The statistics for 2023 are not just numbers; they represent lives touched and communities supported and are a testament to the commitment of our team. With the support of our supporters, donors, partners and volunteers, there’s every reason to believe that we can not only meet but surpass our previous records.

As our teams continue to work tirelessly within our warehouse, we remain driven by our mission: to improve global health through the delivery of essential medicines and medical supplies.