Heart to Heart International has shipped medical and humanitarian aid to every state in the United States and to more than 130 countries all around the world. In September 2021, we added one more country to that list – Tunisia.

Tunisia, officially the Republic of Tunisia, is the northernmost country in Africa. With a population of 11 million people, Tunisia is a member of the United Nations, has an association agreement with the European Union, and has also attained the status of major non-NATO ally of the United States.

Last month, we delivered a 40-foot container of medical supplies, including masks, gowns, sharps containers and syringes to Wallah We Can in Tunisia in partnership with the Syrian American Medical Society.

Wallah We Can, which translates to “Yes we can” in the Tunisian dialect, is a Tunisian association, apolitical and non-religious, which works in favor of children and youth in Tunisia. Aware of the inequalities in key areas such as health and education, the association advocates for equitable access to education, a learning environment and a quality living environment in order to enable children and young people to flourish.

Syrian American Medical Society is a longtime partner of HHI’s and is dedicated to delivering life-saving services, revitalizing health systems during crisis, and promoting medical education via a network of humanitarians in Syria, the US, and beyond.

When we moved into our new headquarters in 2019, our goal was to increase the aid we send around the world, both in terms of the amount of aid and and the number of partners. With the 62,000 square foot warehouse in the new headquarters, we are able to store and ship more medicines and supplies than we ever have before so we can send them to organizations in countries throughout the world need of medical aid. We can now include Tunisia.

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