Wildfires in Maui

Image courtesy: Hawaii DLNR

Heart to Heart International is responding to the multiple wildfires that destroyed towns and displaced hundreds of families in Maui.

The Tragedy

Thousands of people were forced to shelter, and the death toll is at least 115 people, making it the deadliest fire in the U.S. in more than a century.

The fires were fanned by a combination of strong winds and dry conditions. Hurricane Dora and the high pressure over the northern Pacific combined to create the strong winds that spread the fire. The Maui Emergency Management Agency estimates that it will cost $5.52 billion to rebuild in Maui County.  The fires left more than 2,200 buildings damaged in Lahaina alone.

HHI’s Response

Heart to Heart International’s Disaster Response Team responded immediately and began coordinating with partners on the ground in the state to determine the urgent medical and supply needs and how to best help those injured and displaced. By partnering with local organizations, we amplify our impact, ensuring that our support reaches those who need it most.

In our commitment to aid disaster-affected communities, we prioritized sending items that have been explicitly requested by the groups working directly in the affected areas. This strategy isn’t just a preference; it’s a calculated approach to ensure that our assistance aligns with the actual needs of the people we’re aiming to help.

Shipments of Aid

Our warehouse has been readying supplies, including hygiene kits, to send to those impacted and to support local organizations and clinics. Shipments of hygiene kits left were sent to support the relief efforts of local healthcare associations. The shipping was donated by longtime partner FedEx. Another shipment of medication and medical supplies was sent to support the work of Project Vision Hawaii, a local organization caring for people affected by the fires.

Our first shipment of hygiene kits (pictured above) was distributed to shelters and hotels housing families displaced by the Maui wildfires. Thank you to the Maui Dental Association for delivering these kits to seven different locations around the island.