Zika Virus: Doctors Meet in KC in Response to Global Concern

As part of our continuing response to the Zika virus outbreak in the Americas, HHI has convened a Zika in Haiti Advisory Committee to help guide our actions to keep people healthy in Haiti and beyond.

Zika Advisory committee

Our medical teams in Haiti, along with nearly 100 community health agents, have been busy educating people about Zika, providing maternal health, and issuing insect repellant to pregnant women – all on top of their normal patient-care duties.

We’ve also convened the Zika in Haiti Advisory Committee, a panel of medical experts, which recently met in Kansas City to discuss health concerns related to the growing Zika virus outbreak abroad.

Attending the first meeting:  HHI’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rick Randolph and Haiti Medical Director Dr. Jackenson Davilmar – Dr. Lee Norman, Chief Medical Officer with The University of Kansas Health System –  Epidemiologist Charlie Hunt with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment – and Sarah Brown, PhD, Assistant Director of Clinical Pathology Programs with the St. Louis-based Pathologists Overseas.

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As the link between Zika and birth defects grows stronger every day, our doctors, nurses and health workers are taking action to protect people.

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