Aid in Guatemala

Members of Heart to Heart International (HHI) staff traveled to Guatemala in June to meet with multiple partner organizations and visit the hospitals and clinics that receive HHI’s medicines and medical supplies. HHI discussed with partners the typical conditions they see with patients and what items are needed but are difficult to obtain. HHI also saw warehouse operations that distribute supplies throughout the country.

Did you know?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential in all health programming, and disposable, single-use medical gloves are a critical part of PPE. The use of gloves, in conjunction with hand hygiene, is an evidence-based measure to prevent the spread of microorganisms. Having an adequate supply of gloves can help workers avoid glove re-use. Heart to Heart International distributes these medical gloves through its partners to low-resource clinics, hospitals, and mobile health programs. This helps protect thousands of patients and healthcare workers around the world.

In the last year alone, HHI has sent more than 18,000 gloves to partners in Guatemala.

One of the places HHI sends gloves and other PPE is Food for the Poor in Guatemala. This is one of the partner organizations HHI visited last month, and it supports the largest children’s pediatric hospital in Central America. The gloves and other pieces of PPE that HHI sends are used in this hospital to help protect healthcare workers and pediatric patients, including the baby pictured below.